The Lemon Twigs & A Savior


Hello and welcome back fellas! You’re back and I’m back and the weekends are back. We’re all back. And looks like so are the 60s!

At the start of this year (2017), I bought a monthly copy of Rolling Stones magazine (which is very rare for me to do- especially since it was all blabbering about in French) and I came across some pretty interesting news that are honestly worth sharing, but since I’m trying to stick to the point today, I’m going to talk to you about a few very specific and particular ‘news’.



  Yeah!! This new (pretty new) band released their second album (this is probably their first proper BIG thing, in my opinion) last October and boy, is it great!

The album is called ‘Do Hollywood‘ and it is just brilliant. You’ll definitely be teleported into a different age- possibly sometime around the 60s and the 70s. Definitely the hard rock, LSD age. For some of you, it may be a blur, a lane through nostalgia or just inexistent romantic fantasy- as it is in my teenage case. Whatever the case, this album is a great tribute, love letter and nod to all the golden rock ‘n’ roll days.

Not only is their new album very awesome, but so are they! They are: Brian and Michael D’Addario- yeah, they look so alike cos they’re brothers. In the band, when performing, they also have Megan Zeankowski on bass and Danny Ayala on keyboards. Megan looks like she’s some ex-Runaways band member; Danny (absolute 70s with flares and afro and all- quite a beautiful sight!) looks like someone- anyone- from some cool original disco band; Brian looks like he used to give life advice to Ray Davis and Michael is very beautiful. He is strangely attractive with his exaggerated 70s androgynous appeal and open mouth of Mick Jagger, plum lips.

If you watch the last performance they did at the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, playing ‘I Wanna Prove to You‘, you have to focus on both the brothers and just see what I am going on about.

Brian D’Addario is an absolutely unbelievable singer. He has a real “rockstar voice” and it’s rasp and smooth at the same time. He does these falsettos and these amazing vibratos that you’ll go wild. Michael also sings fantastically (refer to the the Conan performance of ‘As Long as We’re Together‘) but boy- can he drum! He is absolutely amazing- he lets his lips part and cock his head to one side and move his arms in such a fashion that you’d think his shoulders would dislocate.



 Right, now this gal over here probably isn’t as popular as our previous Twigs but she is just dream-like in a million ways. She’s definitely Mystery Girl (this particular song, I will soon talk about!) and very aesthetically pleasing too but she probably looks more ordinary than she sounds at first sight. Her music is strangely dangerous and you’ll enter a side of your mind that you never even knew you possessed.

Her song, M.T.M.E, will send you into a frenzy and you’ll definitely move around like Ian Curtis or Iggy Pop around your bedroom. It’s very eerie in a peculiar way and it is almost a visual aid to make you imagine yourself speeding through a tunnel. And yeah, that’s her with king, Alex Turner on the title image.

Mystery Girl has a great 80s rhythm to it and the snare is very sharp and electric like some Joy Division record. I don’t know if she is a fan of people like Joy Div, or Iggy Pop or even Bowie (she might be since Alex Turner is- of Bowie I mean) but she definitely has a feel like that to her sound. She’s very original, nonetheless.

I wanted to talk about another band in particular but, I realize that they’re a whole different story that should be told separately (cos I gotta story to tell, yes siree!) so, I’m gonna leave that for ANOTHER DAYYY! However, I will, in fact, mention the name of this band so you can go check ’em out—> LOW CUT CONNIE!!!


Carpe da Collum,



Post Scriptum: Still no actual fans of mine on this website. Why do I even write here, wtf?


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