Guitar Men


  Yeah, I lost track of time (all this time travelling you know) and here I am on an odd Wednesday, rather than a Monday or a Friday, which I was trying to establish as my update date date thingy. But anyway, when had I ever been consistent. Also, I just realised that I don’t even know what this website is actually about… I noticed that I wrote some pretentious crap for the “About” page… I’m so sorry if I am a huge clickbait and nothing more.

  Today, for the sake of wrecking my brain, I’m gonna list a few great guitarists. If you’re interested, stay, if you’re not STAY. Also, this is in no damn order cos then my head would explode.

  1. David Gilmour 


Gilmour can probably possibly just be the most melodic guitarist in the world of rock music. I heard somewhere- I don’t remember where- that he ‘sings’ with his guitar rather than play it. Refer to guitar parts in songs like ‘Us and Them‘, ‘Comfortably Numb‘ and literally every other song. Also, ‘Dark Side of the Moon‘ is probably one of the greatest albums ever.






2. Brian May


I remember watching a documentary on how Brian May made his signature sound. He does those echoey, repeating thing that sort of acts like a “call and respond” kinda of technique. He has three amps I think and sets their feedback timings to separate times so then they respond one ofter the other. Sometimes in different pitches or effects as well. So then, you get songs like ‘Bijou‘, for example. Brian May was the first guy I actually admired as a guitarist.





3. Angus Young


This guy is nuts and probably the only adult male who can get away with a little schoolboy outfit. His edge cutting, slashing guitar style is so damn unique and sharp that when you hear it, make sure you’re protecting your neck cos otherwise, you should be expecting to get beheaded.







4. Pete Townshend


Best nose, ass and moves in the history of rock and roll. Also, a very stylistic guitarist with his huge swinging arms. His seriousness and devotion to his work with The Who really paid off and I’d just like to say, “Bless you, Mr Townshend” and Moonie probably loves him as much as I do.






5. Mick Ronson


Can we just put some time into admiring his appearance at first please? He looks like an Renaissance painting with some real approach with an androgyne impression.






6. George Harrison


I don’t even know how to compliment George Harrison. People often laugh saying “Oh yeah, he was more of a Beatle than Ringo, I guess, mehhh”. That is just so insulting honestly- also Ringo is so nice, you haters out there will never be able to be as good as him. George Harrison was such a beautiful human and his guitar history is just amazing. All the way from his first Spanish, classical guitar that he bought from a friend with the money his mother gave when he was five. He was just amazing.


Anyway, I know that 6 is a random number for a list but I just added the first people that came to my head. I was gonna add other people like Django Reinhardt but let’s simplify life by sticking to Rock for today. I’m also ending this now cos my battery is on 3% on my laptop so CHOP CHOP NOW. There are obviously many other guitarists like Mark Knopfler, Chris Rea, and a million others that I am very sorry to because I gotta leave now. But anyway, “I’m not worthy” to all these folks anyway. (+Alice Cooper)

Love and Peace,

Carpé da collum,




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