Hello everyone! I’m back to life after about a Friday or two, I forget. Anyway, I am not sure what this blog is going to be about but, I will make sure to right down my initial thoughts that I would NOT mind sharing openly.

1. If I were a man, I would be Brian Ferry.

2. I’m on a two week holiday.

3. I’ve broken a promise that I assured my friend that I would keep.  (If that makes sense)

4. I can’t go to see Mr Ferry at L’Olympia in Paris next May.

5. Robin Williams was so talented.

6. My legs aren’t long enough compared to my height.

7. Bryan Ferry- damn you.

8. I need a band.

9. Are those charges against Casey Affleck for real, man?? Shhhhhiiii-

10. I hate my hay fever. Goddamn Spring. Look so pretty but feel so damn troublesome.


Oh and

11. Bryan Ferry too. (Also, what loser reads these blogs of mine? I’m so sorry, if they aren’t worth the time. You are so sweet and kind babay)


carpé da collum y’all,



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