I got liked

Hello, everyone!
Friday is back, I’m back. You’re front. *face palm. Yes, yes, the sad old jokes are back too. Oh, man. Imagine there’s this one sad kid who waits all week in anticipation for my next post and actually gets disappointed when he sees that I’ve lost track of time again and haven’t posted a new post yet once more!! Yeah, that’ll only happen in my wildest dreams dammit. But actually, before I go on ranting about my miserable misfortunes once again, I’d actually like to say something that I’m very proud of!

Get this, fellas- someone ACTUALLY liked a post of mine!! So, thank you so much, rachelbchatty . You made me so happy it’s almost terrifying. I also would like to add that Rachel Being Chatty here, is also very much a rather “humorous” character and has an absolutely fantastic warning section on the bio section for the website.

Okay, on a more serious note, I’d like to tell you about my fantastic literary side of life. So man take this picture: Jack Kerouac (my boyfriend) was on the road for seven years one time and ended up writing one of the world’s greatest books, about the very road herself, in THREE WEEKS. And then there’s me (Jack’s boy-oops-I-mean-girlfriend *I’ll get back to this sick joke), who’s working on two short stories at the same time, watching three movies, three TV shows, reading four different books (I’ll also talk about these soon) and working on two different drawings AT THE SAME BLOODY TIME. Now, you see, I might have been the “genius”, between Jack Kerouac and I, but that would be if I were capable of FINISHING anything whatsoever. No one has even asked me to do all of these but here I am, giving myself heaps of assignments for some strange curiosity and piling them over one another until I can barely breathe. Man, I’m the looniest person.

Well, I’m not exactly loonie. When I’m with others, depending on who I am with, I am quite sensible. Generally. With particular pals, I can be real nuts. But I’ll tell you, I’m the maddest when I’m all alone. I am M A D . Anyway, I don’t know why I’m telling you this.

Now, that joke about being a boy is a nod to that sicko high school stereotype kid who also picks on me for having short hair. She’ll probably never even come across this post. I don’t think she can read.

NOW, the books! Yes, I’m reading four books simultaneously and it’s quite intense.

The first one is American Pastoral by Philip Roth.

Yes, this one is pretty chaotic and political. I read quite a few political books, though I don’t indulge in much political topics with purely personal interest; like, Animal Farm, Brave New World, 1984, er what else… yeah I read quite a few… don’t remember. Anyway, this one is pretty cool. It’s very honest and simply written. Blatant details and quite a few innocent and admirable life lines to follow too. The destructive side of a human mind is very closely examined through stories about The Swede and his daughter, Merry. I am just over mid way into it and so far, it’s pretty good.

Second, Dracula by Bram Stoker.

I read this story a million times in a million different formats. I even read the original from my ex-school library but I never owned it. Last month, I found a used copy of this book (and it’s just like new- not a single crease) in a Gibert Jeune stall in Paris for only €1.45. Can you believe it? Used but not a mark. So I bought it and I’m reading that too again.

Third: Future of Ideas by Laurence Lessig.

I don’t really know why I started reading this but it’s actually GOOD. At some points, it feels like, it’s literally about a guy trying to define modern academic institutions. It’s a bit like that book I read, written by some music critic (I forgot the name), called Love is All You Need, in 1977 I think. Throughout the whole book, the guy just kept on desperately trying to define Popular music and it’s affect. It wasn’t a BAD book though. However, I like this book because the writer, Mr Lessig, tries to sort of put very interesting revolutionary ideas into our heads via a collection of lectures.

Fourth: Okay, I lied, but here’s another political book I’m reading (dang it). I swear, it’s all my dad’s fault. Recently, he and I have been having intense political discussions every damn evening. Well, what else can you do when you’re living in a damned epoch as this. The book is called It Can’t Happen Here and it’s by Sinclair Lewis.

I don’t know much about what’s going on in this one because I’ve barely read three pages or so. I know it’s something about some fascist government. But that’s only because I read the blurb. Also, this book is a perfect book for contemplating Trump America Tragedies.

So yeah, that’s that. I guess, you COULD call this one a book review. Kinda. Wow, I’d make the worst journalist.


Carpé da collum,



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