Getting Famous

Hello, everyone!

Yeah, I know I’m writing after about a million years and on a Monday but, come on, give me a break. I would like to start off by warning you that the title for today’s blog is a total click-bait. I’m actually not getting famous. Not anytime soon, anyhow.

Today, I’m gonna just talk about:

  1. How I’m having a short-story of mine turned into a short film
  2. What music I’m currently listening to
  3. Last movie I watched
  4. Brian Wilson meeting Elvis Presley
  5. Where I’m planning to hibernate this summer
  6. Alex Turner and his future as a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer

So, yeah, brace yourself: that’s a whole lotta blabbering!


So, yeah it’s nothing too serious but very important for me, as you can imagine, since nothing ever happens to me. My brother is a very talented “growing-self-taught-artist”, if you like. He creates short films and aesthetic, experimental movies on YouTube and honestly, I thought that it was a pity that he should struggle to come up with all these stories to make movies on when there’s a writer, in his family itself!, moping around with so many tales to tell! (That’s me, obviously *eye-roll) So, I’m having my story Music of the Night turned into a short film of some arty farty kind. I’m not sure yet but I think, it’ll be called ‘A Stranger’s Song‘; it’s not yet confirmed, but watch out for it if you are interested! You can refer to his YouTube channel > here < !


Recently, I was just revisiting this album that my friend really loves and had told me to listen to. I don’t listen to much modern rock but there are a few albums that really just gets you and you’re left, going, “Wowpownowblahhhh!!!” Especially, when you have got so many memories inseparably tangled with these songs. The album is “Pretty. Odd.” and it’s by Panic! At the Disco. Now, I’m sorry but this album is probably the only album I like by them without skipping through majority of the songs. This album is actually very good and I love all the songs in it. It sounds very Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band sometimes, if you get me. I don’t know how but somehow. Lotta you are probably hating me for all these opinions… I can feel you hissing. LEAVE ME ALONE.

Some of these lyrics are really good and very well-placed. I need to start using a Thesaurus cos, honestly, I am a terrible adjectiver.


The last movie I watched was either “Eight Days a Week” by Ron Howard or “Highschool Confidential” by Jack Arnold. I don’t keep track but both were so good, man! Especially, “Eight Days a Week” because, I actually cried during it. I got the shivers and I thought to myself, “Man, the Beatles were really sooooo good!”. Because they really were. And it was so sad and awesome how the movie ended with the famous Rooftop Concert. And the audio during the credits was also very cool, I died. The band was so short-lived but so important. They changed so much and in such a short time.

I also realized that if there ever is a movie on John Drew Barrymore, Alex Turner should play his role, what do ya say!


Okay, have you heard the story about when Brian Wilson met Elvis Presley? Well, I hadn’t but I heard it last week and died laughing.

Brian Wilson telling the story of when he met Elvis

It’s such a weird story, I don’t even know what to say. And the way Brian tells it is just absolute hilarious.


I found this incredible public library in Rambuteau, Paris, called Centre Pompidou. They have a lot of awesome books there and the place is huge! And yeah, they actually have a lotta of English books. They also have hot hipsters lurking around their but if anyone looks at me, I give them dirts and then I wonder why I don’t have a boyfriend. How fantastic. And since I’m not going to London this summer, which is absolutely obviously what I wanted- such luck!, I’m gonna bide my time in that library chewing on all the Beat Generation books available.


I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Alex Turner had a grand transformation since he “got back together” with his bromance lollipop stick, Miles Kane. I am talking, musically and, especially, about his fashion. His fashion totally changed. And it’s a good thing, don’t get me wrong! I absolutely love the fact that the two of them managed to continue with the retro theme for The Last Shadow Puppets; something they had going so well. Turner has a real edge nowadays and it’s dangerously sharp. Very sexy and appealing for a rock imagine, if you know what I mean. I am considering a future Rock and Roll Hall of Fame space for him.

So there’s all that’s been in my head. Yeah, ALL that’s been in my head. I literally have nothing else in my head. Anyway, have a great week and enjoy your life as much as you can and eat a lot of delicious food.

Carpé da collum,


PS: Kokomo by The Beach Boys has such sexy vocals.


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