B&W Movies 🎥

Hello, everyone! It’s Friday and I’m still not in love. But I still make terrible jokes. So there’s that, I guess.

I found a book of letters from Jack Kerouac to Allen Ginsberg and vice-versa from 1944 and until the last letter which, I assume, was written to Allen around 1969 because Jack died that year. Jack and Allen addressed each other with a lotta nicknames and some of them are hilarious. There is “Chèr Jean”, which Allen wrote because Jack spoke French. There’s “Kind King Mind” and “Cher Breton”! Jack addressed Allen with: “Cher Alain”, “Cher jeune singe” and “Irwin”. But the best two are “Jackiboo” and “Alleyboo”.

Some of these letters are wild! There is one where you can see how Jack used a very sharp pencil to fit in all the things he wants to tell Allen in one page. You can see how his words get smaller and smaller as he nears the end of the page. He even writes horizontally around the seams of the page. There’s another letter from 1945 where Allen is literally having some kind of personality crisis. He tells Jack how he will always admire Jack’s natural “grace” but will never be able to be “good” at anything. He is literally explaining how hopeless he feels and I’m like, “Er, is this the The Allen Howling Ginsberg??”

Anyway, apart from that, I want to tell you about the black and white movies I ended up watching during this week.

1. Highschool Confidential (1958)

I think, I already talked briefly about this on the previous post but yeah, I watched that. It had a pretty clever plot for it’s time to be honest. It’s about this guy who is seemingly a very up-to-no-good kinda kid. He gets kicked out of his previous school and is sent to this new school, where he creates a huge scene and ends up becoming the centre of all attention. All the teachers talk about him, all the big shots wanna take him out, all the girls love him, all the nerds wanna be like him, that sort of thing. But then he gets deep into the links of an active drug business, along with an unexpected company of association… hmm… MUAHAHAH

2. Beat Girl (1960)

This movie is about a rich, teenage girl called Jennifer, who is going through a very drastic pubescent stage of her life… I suppose…(?) Her father remarries a 24 year old, French woman after a divorce, which Jennifer is absolutely not happy about. Jennifer is your former Beatnik, wild-child with coal smothered eyes and shaggy long hair. She hangs around with two other boys and a girl every day at Beatnik café joints and underground jazz caves. She even sneaks out at night and parties with them there. One day, she discovers a fact at the local strip club, which would help her to avenge her new step-mother, who she hated even though she tried her best to be motherly to her. However, a series of unfortunate events take place when the manager of the club tries to lure the underage girl into dancing for him. DUN DUN DUNNNN!!!

3. Scum of the Earth (1963)

This one is a little weird. It was pretty unexpected to be honest. It was not very successful in its time because of its lack artistic side and also its controversy. It’s about an innocent teenage girl who gets into a modelling job for being able to pay for university in the future. She finds that they pay a lot and ends up modelling for “shoes”, which required to show her “legs”. Soon, she is asked to pose for undergarments. And later, to pose naked for pornographic purposes. She is hesitant but the money seems so perfect and necessary. She is left with a terrifying choice to make as she balances her academic future and a lifetime worth of reputation.

SO yeah, there’s that!

Carpé da collum,



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