We are in this together

Hello, everyone.

Last night, I was halted in shock when I heard my brother gasp. I frowned and looked up at him to find that he was clasping his phone in both his hands. I am quite used to my brother over-dramatising everything so I grumbled, “What is it now?” But he didn’t- or couldn’t- say anything. And as he turned his phone around for me to see, I realised that in moments in such as these, there really isn’t anything left to say. I stared at a very familiar face on the screen and a very haunting headline printed in bold on top of it. What can you say? I kept looping one sentence again and again in my head; ‘You’re lying.’ But they weren’t. Mike Shinoda confirmed it too. But I still cannot bring my head around it. First, David Bowie then, Leonard Cohen, Chris Cornell and now, Chester Bennington? And that one song, “Leave Out All The Rest”, from the Minutes to Midnight album, kept repeating in my head. The sun was setting and the sky was pink. At that moment, my head was completely empty. But a few hours later, I saw an image. A silhouette figure standing on top of a chair, alone in a dimly lit room. How did you feel? I’m so sorry, Chester. I wish you would see how much people love you and come on down from that height. I wish you’d see what a great man you are. But now that you’re gone, I wish you well. You were the first one to show me comfort in music. Thank you.



PS: Suicide is not an escape. It’s not a way out of misery. Talk to people, ask for help if you ever feel engulfed in such depths of emotions. It’s not an option. Every life matters. And if you feel that yours doesn’t, think again. I believe it does. Think of all the people you’ll affect, all those who love you. If you feel like it’s the only way out, you’re wrong. Happiness exists. In everything. Drink coffee, put on a beret, hit a bongo and boom up some gypsy jazz. Entertain yourself. You’re not alone.


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